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Formed by Skeeter Swizzle, TPF started one night at a private party in a trailer park (remaining unamed to protect the innocent), as a need for some live music to dance to. Everyone was very inebriated from indulging in their party poison of choice, and since the battery was dead in the El Camino from the radio blasting all day, someone suggested that somebody needed to break out some jams to keep the party going. After some instruments were set up and plugged in, the band was quickly assembled and started jamm’n some popular party tunes that made all of the Floosies wanting more. Soon things caught on, and the rest is history. Now the Trailer Park Floosies are known all over the country for “putt’n the class back in trash”, and “Liv’in good in the Trailerhood”. May the Floosie Force be with you.